About Fashion Flats / Fashion CAD Designing

This course aims to teach you –
1) Drawing skills required for the pattern and print designing using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.
2) Learning pasley, geometric, floral designs on fabrics.
3) To develop your own collection of prints based on seasons and trends.

The Online Fashion Designing Course is the first interactive e-classroom training for computerized flat CAD designing. Formally hand-drawn sketches were readily accepted in the fashion industry, however, today the focus is on CAD (Computer Aided Designing). The Online Fashion Designing Course includes software like Photoshop & Illustrator to accelerate the designing process.

To learn Fashion Designing online we have no pre-requisites or prior knowledge required. You can learn the Diploma Course in Fashion Designing at the comfort of your home/office at a time suitable to you. The aim is to enable you to fulfill your learning goals of fashion flat/fashion CAD designing. The free demo class for the Online Fashion Designing program will give you a glimpse into the course content and teaching methodology.

Online Fashion Designing Using Photoshop & Illustrator Free Demo Class

Photoshop Course Syllabus

PHASE II - Adding Pattern & Fabric Texture on Dresses

  • Adding a Pattern on a Dress

  • Adding Fabric texture on Model’s dress

  • PHASE III - Replacing Texture & Dress on Model

    • Replacing Dress on Model


    • Replace the Texture on Model


      PHASE IV - Water color effects / Patchwork Fabrics / Fashion Posters

      •  Apply Water Color Effect 


      • Create a Patchwork fabric


      • Fashion Poster

      • PHASE V - Replacing Fashion garments with Texture

        • Learn to edit a garment and map a texture on it

        • Replace a fashion garment with a texture


          Illustrator Course Syllabus

          PHASE II - ( Working with Croquies, Creating Backlines & Necklines, Mens Bottom Wear, Overall Coat )

          • Learn to make a Female Croquie








          • Learn to make a Male Croquie

          • Backlines

          • Neckline

          • Learn to make a mens bottom wear

          • Learn to make an overall coat

          PHASE III - ( Learn Different Styles in Kurtis - Simple Kurti with Tights, Long Kurti with Skirt, Transparent Croptop Kurti, Green Lehenga with Transparent Jacket)

          • Kurta

          • Long Kurta With a Skirt Style Bottom

          • Transparent Croptop Kurti with Leggings

          • Long Gown with Transparent Jacket

          PHASE IV - ( Different Types of Gowns, Lehenga's, Saree's)

          • Long Flowing Gown With Dupatta

          • White Lehenga with Patterned Border

          • Saree with Jacket Style Blouse

          PHASE V - ( Different Types of Sleeves, Skirts, Pants, Western Wear, Uniforms)

          • Different types of Sleeves

          • Different styles of Skirts

          • Different styles of women pants

          • Western Wear 1 (Shirt-Skirt Combo)

          • Western Wear 2 (Blouse with leggings)

          • Airhostess Uniform

          • Chef Uniform

          PHASE VI - ( Different Types of Mens Wear - Coats, Jackets, T-shirt's, Jeans, Uniforms)

          • Mens Collar

          • Jackets and Coats (blazer)

          • Mens wear 1 (Tshirt and jeans)

          • Uniform 1 (pilot)

          PHASE VII - ( Kids Wear, Party Wear, Winter Wear)

          • Kids wear 1

          • Winter wear

          • Party wear

          Islamic Fashion Course Syllabus

          African Fashion Design