Fashion Designing Using Photoshop and Illustrator

This course aims to teach you –
1) Drawing skills required for the pattern and print designing using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.
2) Learning pasley, geometric, floral designs on fabrics.
3) To develop your own collection of prints based on seasons and trends.

The Online Fashion Designing Course is the first interactive e-classroom training for computerized flat CAD designing. Formally hand-drawn sketches were readily accepted in the fashion industry, however, today the focus is on CAD (Computer Aided Designing). The Online Fashion Designing Course includes software like Photoshop & Illustrator to accelerate the designing process.

To learn Fashion Designing online we have no pre-requisites or prior knowledge required. You can learn the Diploma Course in Fashion Designing at the comfort of your home/office at a time suitable to you. The aim is to enable you to fulfill your learning goals of fashion flat/fashion CAD designing. The free demo class for the Online Fashion Designing program will give you a glimpse into the course content and teaching methodology.

Online Fashion Designing Using Photoshop & Illustrator Free Demo Class

Fashion Photoshop Course Syllabus

  1. Introduction To Photoshop
  2. Selection Tool
  3. Shortcut to Selection Tool
  4. Quick Selection Tool
  5. Magnetic Lasso Tools
  6. Magic Wand Tools
  7. Lasso Tools
  8. Learn To Use Selection Tool
  9. Learn To Use Color Correction
  10. Learn To Add Water Color Effect To A Sketch
  11. Replace & Adjusting Dress On Female Picture
  12. Colour Correction
  13. Replace Texture on Female Model Dress
  14. Adding Accessories & Dress
  1. Add Pattern On a Dress
  2. Add Fabric Texture On a Model Dress
  1. Replace Dress on a Model
  2. Replace Texture on a Model Dress
  1. Learn how to apply water color effect in 2D Sketch of Dress Design
  2. Learn how to create a Patchwork fabric
  3. Learn how to make a Fashion Poster
  1. Learn to edit a garment and map a texture on it seamlessly
  2. Replace a fashion garment with a texture
  1. Change Color on a Male Dress
  2. Change Fabric Texture on a Male Dress
  1. Make a Fashion Female Advertise
  2. Make a Fashion Male Advertise
  3. Make a Fashion Advertise for Social Media Post
  4. Make an Animated Fashion Advertise for Social Media Post
  1. Hijab
  2. Hijab with a Texture

Fashion Photoshop Course Syllabus

  1. Illustrator Introduction
  2. User Interface
  3. Basic Shapes
  4. Fill Strokes
  5. How To Apply Gradient
  6. Type Tool
  7. Learn to design a Tshirt
  8. Learn to design a Cap
  9. Learn to design Socks
  1. Learn to make a Female Croquie
  2. Learn to make a Male Croquie
  3. Backlines
  4. Neckline
  5. Learn to make a mens bottom wear
  6. Learn to make an overall coat
  1. Simple Kurta with Tights
  2. Long Kurta With a Skirt Style Bottom
  3. Transparent Croptop Kurti with Leggings
  4. Green Lehenga with Transparent Jacket
  1. Long Flowing Gown With Dupatta
  2. White Lehenga with Patterned Border
  3. Saree with Jacket Style Blouse
  1. Different types of Sleeves
  2. Different styles of Skirts
  3. Different styles of women pants
  4. Western Wear 1 (Shirt-Skirt Combo)
  5. Western Wear 2 (Blouse with leggings)
  6. Airhostess Uniform
  7. Chef Uniform
  1. Mens Collar
  2. Jackets and Coats (blazer)
  3. Mens wear 1 (Tshirt and jeans)
  4. Uniform 1 (pilot)
  1. Kids wear 1
  2. Winter wear
  3. Party wear
  1. Make Haute Hijab Fashion Dress
  2. Make Artizara Fashion Dress
  3. Make Shukr Fashion Dress
  4. Arab Fashion Style-1
  5. Arab Fashion Style-2