Textile Designing Using Photoshop & Illustrator

This course aims to teach you –
1) Drawing skills required for designing patterns and prints on fabrics techniques using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.
2) To design your distinct line of clothing.
3) To develop a garment according to client specifications.

The Online Textile Designing Course is an interactive e-learning program which imparts proficiency in designing patterns and prints on fabrics. The Diploma in Textile Designing requires no prior knowledge, all you need is a computer and an internet connection. The Textile CAD (Computer Aided Design) program includes software like Photoshop, Illustrator which facilitate the process of designing prints and patterns.

The Online Textile Designing Course is structured in a manner that first, the student learns to create a simpler curve, shapes and eventually progresses to intricate patterns. The Online Diploma in Textile Designing includes software like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Formally hand-drawn patterns were acceptable but now CAD is used on a large scale. The free demo of the Online Textile Designing Course gives you a peek into the Course content and the manner in which the Course would be conducted.

Online Textile Designing Using Illustrator & Photoshop Free Demo Class

Photoshop Course Syllabus


  • To Start the Photoshop program

  • Introduction to the Photoshop program

  • Introduction to the Menu

  • Introduction to the Toolbox

  • Introduction to New File

  • Introduction to Open File

  • Introduction to Close File

  • Introduction to Save File

  • Exercise 1

  • Exercise I


  • Toolbox :

  • a) Rectangle Marquee Tool
    b) Elliptical Tool
    c) Move Tool
    d) Lasso Tool
    e) Polygon Tool
    f) Magnetic Lasso Tool
    g) Magic Wand Tool
    h) Zoom Tool
    i) Pen Tool

  • Selection Menu

  • a) New Selection
    b) Add Selection
    c) Subtract Selection
    d) Inverse Selection
    e) Feather
    f) Style

  • Learn to use Transformation(Rotation) to make a flower

  • Default Color

  • Swatches Palette

  • Exercise II

  • Exercise II


  • Edit Menu

  • a) Cut
    b) Copy
    c) Paste
    d) Free Transform
    e) Transform
  • Exercise III

  • Exercise III

  • Alt + Copy

  • Layer Palette

  • a) Making Layer Active
    b) Move the Layer
    a) Load The Selection Of Layer
    d) Exercise IV

    Exercise IV


  • Edit Menu

  • a) Fill
    b) Stroke
  • Measurement

  • Toolbox

  • c) Crop Tool
    d) Brush Tool
    e) Eraser Tool
    f) Gradient Tool
    g) Exercise V

    Exercise V

  • Layer Menu

  • a) Duplicate Layer
    b) Delete Layer
    c) Layer Properties
    d) Layer Opacity
  • Image Menu

  • a) Mode
    b) Adjustment
    c) Image Size
    d) Canvas Size
    e) Crop
    f) Trim
    g) Exercise VI

    Exercise VI


  • Toolbox

  • a) Pen Tool
    b) Path Selection
    c) Text Tool
    d) Text Properties
  • Select Menu

  • a) All
    b) Deselect
    c) Reselect
    d) Inverse
    e) All Layer
    f) Deselect Layer
    g) Similar Layer
    h) Feather
  • Exercise VII

  • Exercise VII

Illustrator Course Syllabus


  • Introduction To Illustrator

  • User Interface

  • How to fill stroke

  • How to apply gradient

  • How to create basic shapes

  • Live Demo – Simple floral pattern

  • Live Demo – Simple geometric pattern

  • Live Demo – Pasley Design


As other phases are getting upgraded, they will be uploaded soon.

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